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Ideas -  Audit and/or notification of Status changes

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This is an extension of Create standards and expectations and for Idea feedback from BMC.


There is currently no indication of when and Idea's Status changes.  A current pain point around Ideas is around inconsistent feedback from BMC.  Status changes can be considered a form of feedback but they can happen under the radar.  Using Automated Utility to update ARS/ITSM/SRM etc Server References as an example this appears to be a highly popular Idea with a score of 635.  There is a note from Jan 2013 that says it will stay in an Active status.  When I looked at it today it is now Under Consideration but no indication of when the status changed.



  • If you are following the Idea (or maybe have even voted on it) there should be an alert in your Inbox
  • There should be an indication of when the status change
  • If it is not desirable or technically possible to show an audit of the status change then there should be policy that requires acknowledgement in the form of a reply that the status has changed.


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