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RFE: Controlling the Flushing action of the Mid-Tier Cache

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Currently the flushing action of the Mid-Tier Cache is limited to either flushing the entire cache (HUGE performance hit) or using the new Sync Cache feature (relatively less of a performance hit).


It would be nice if there was another layer of control over what a developer or a Mid-Tier administrator would have liked to flush. And that is the ability to flush an individual object - Just the Form, or just one Active Link, or just one Form Menu, etc. or a selected list of these.


The Sync Cache feature already having been built, whose functionality I was a little confused over because it still takes a ton of time to happen, I would not think going one layer deeper would be that much more difficult, and flush just selected objects.


This could be implemented both on the Mid-Tier configuration application




Even better on the Developer Studio itself. The Developer Studio can already store information of various Mid-Tier servers associated with various AR Servers from various environments such as Development, Test, QA, Staging, Production etc. in its Mid-Tier servers Information. It already has the ability to view a form through a browser utility. In version 8 it has even gone a step further to model permissions you want to view the form with. Below is a screen shot of a limited version of this functionality in 7.6.04..




It would be nice to be able to right click on a newly created menu, and perform a Cache on Selected Mid-Tier Server and offer the developer a choice of valid servers associated with that environment that he would like to flush the cache without leaving the Developer Studio and choose single objects or a finite list of objects to flush instead of having the Sync cache flush all the recently developed objects, which may not be what he wants to do.


In my opinion this would be less time consuming that even the Sync feature (the mid-tier would not have to search the AR Server for objects that have changed), and will give the developer a better control on what they are ready to publish as finished code to the user.


I would like to know what you'll think of this one too.


I have yet another couple of ideas I spoke to engineering about that I was asked to post on here so it could be run by the community.




Joe D'Souza


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