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Create standards and expectations for Idea feedback from BMC

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Claire Sanford and I started this discussion with Matt Laurenceau at WWRUG last week.  I am creating this Idea in response conversations last week and Add Jive for Microsoft Outlook Idea.


Now that Ideas have been around for over a year it is time to put some structure and expectations around responses from BMC.  I am a big proponent of Ideas on BMC Communities but I am concerned they are at risk of being disregarded by customers unless some expectations can be set around feedback from BMC regarding status.  Admittedly there are Ideas that have been addressed however there seems to be a lack of consistency and no clear expectation has been set.


Here are some examples I found just this morning:


** 1/9/2020 update by Jason Miller **

Fixed a broken reference in the text.

2020-01-09 11_17_00-Create standards and expectations for Idea feed... _ BMC Communities.png


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