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BRPM - enhance baa_utilities.rb with BSA NSH-Script/Job Support

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In ...\BRPM\Releases\<releasenumber>\WEB-INF\lib\script_support\baa_utilities.rb


This file provides sub functions for BRPM - BSA communication. Since our implementation relied on NSH Script Jobs, to provide more flexibility and avoid restrictions, we decided to enhance this file with e.g.:


def get_model_type_to_psc_name(model_type)

      case model_type

      when "JOB_GROUP"

        return "SystemObject/Static Group/Job Group"

      when "DEPOT_GROUP"

        return "SystemObject/Static Group/Abstract Depot Group/Depot Group"



    when "NSHSCRIPT"

       return "SystemObject/Depot Object/NSH Script"




We also use sub functions to:

- create an nsh job via SOAP call

- add nshscriptparametervalues to a job


Adding those would be nice. Right now on every release of a new patch these changes have to be applied again. Or is there a strict design decision against the use of NSH Script Jobs?


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