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Add ability to re-trigger active alerts after Dynamic Blackout Policy has expired

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In a situation like this:

1. Blackout started

2. Server alerts

3. Blackout expires without alert ever recovering


There should be an ability to re-trigger or re-open the active event after the blackout expires, as it is may be an issue that needs troubleshooting.  A common example of this is an application service that gets stopped during a patching window, but has a problem and cannot restart.  The app owners are then unaware that their application is down until a customer complains.


The "Blackout Policy" has such an ability within the "Blackout Policy Actions Options", where you can select to either Leave Blacked-out Events in Blackout Status, or Change Existing Blacked-out Events to Open Status at the end of the blackout window.


However, this dialog is not available in Dynamic Blackout Policy.  Can this or similar functionality be added to the Dynamic Blackout Policy?


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