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Ability to migrate Request Definitions between Environments

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Need:  The ability to migrate request definitions that are built in sandbox environments up to Production.



In controlled Salesforce environments where you cannot build Service Requests, or other functionality, into a production environment after go live, it would be optimum to provide some method of exporting data definitions from within Remedyforce sandbox environments.


This would allow for the migration of complex definitions, like Request Definitions, into other Remedyforce orgs.  This would include steps like exporting the definitions into a CSV file, and then importing them into some VF page that would parse the file and create what is required for the definition.


This functionality should also check for the "diff" of what has changed on the Request Definition, like an additional Task template, etc.


Introducing this functionality would essentially be a Change Set for data within Remedyforce.



In addition, this functionality should also extend to other foundation and configuration objects throughout Rememedyforce.


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