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Sideload windows 8 apps and invenotry in BBCA

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Hi All,


Some of clients are asking for support on sideloading of Windows App Store (.appx) applications. The queries are around ability to side load custom applications that they would make available ot Windows 8 devices. And can the BBCA inventory them and monitor their usage?


In my lab we tried to test the deployment part by creating a cutom channel using BMC Application Packager with a custom script that would drop the .aapx package on the target machine and run the sideloading commandline in powershell. Using the custom script the Powershell secution policy is altered and then the following is executed to sideload the applicaiton in tot he online WIM image. This would require a reboot.


powershell.exe DISM /Online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath:

"C:\Users\testuser\AppData\Local\Temp\TestAppbPOWERlab_1.0.0.0_AnyCPU.appx" /skiplicense


After the application is available, i ran the inventory scanner (ver. The App Store application are not detected in the scan.


I would like to see an enhancement in both BMC Application packager and inventory scanner.


* In the BMC Application packager we are looking at an option where a packager can check a box or select an option to indicate that the source being packaged is an appstore (.appx ) application and the "Application packager" would include the actions to check prerequisites for sideloading , option to alter Powershell execution policy, build the commandline using the provided application file name, sideloading product key and any other requirement that are applicable.


* In Scanner the ability to detect the App Store type applications and track their usage.


Dilip Kulkarni


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