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Use Push Technology for creating real-time Remedy Applications

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The problem:

  • Conventionally Web applications are based on the pull based Technology.
  • Web application frontend (Browser) pulls the information requested by the User from a Web Server. The Web Server in turn pulls the information from an Application Server / Database.
  • There is a lack of a mechanism to push live updates to a User’s Browser without the User hitting the refresh button.


The Trend in Web Applications:

  • There is a recent trend towards real-time Rich Internet Applications requiring a full-duplex communication channel between the Browser and the Web Server.
  • Using these techniques one can design real-time Rich Internet Applications.



  • Incorporating Push Technologies with Remedy can open up a new UI interaction paradigm besides addressing the Stale data problem with conventional Web Applications.


The Proposal

  • Incorporate Push Technologies for Remedy based Web Applications.
  • Design features that create a completely revolutionary interactive User experience for Remedy based Web Applications.


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