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Centralised management of Saved Searches & Reports

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The ability for System Administrators to manage Saved Searches & Reports (both Personal & Shared) for all users from a single area.


Currently personal searches and reports can only be Run, Edited or Deleted by the Agent/Administrator who created the report. These configurations reside in the ..\FootPrintsServiceCore\etc\Search and ..\FootPrintsServiceCore\etc\SearchList files. When a particular Agent/Administrator is deleted their personal Searches and Reports remain within these files - ideally these should be deleted.


These files can become large for customers who have a high license count and large number of saved searches and reports, which leads to an increased possibility of the files getting corrupted.


A centralised page for System Administrators can also present added benefits such as:


  1. Maintaining the entire list of saved searches & reports
  2. Ability for System Administrators to alter saved searches & reports for other agents without the need to rely on that agent logging into FootPrints


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