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Spoon: Either provide a way to set a variable in a transformation for use by a sub-transformation or allow the ARInput qualification string to be derived from a field

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There appears to be no way to pass a value based on a field value or parameter in a transformation through to a sub-transformation and have the value appear in a variable. This is a problem for steps such as ARInput which require the "Qualification String" to be parameterised  by means of variables (i.e. embedding variables in the string). Also, involving a job to address this issue (e.g. setting the variable within the first transformation of a job) only works when the workflow is kicked off from the job - it does not work when debugging the parent transformation in isolation as the parent transformation has no way to (dynamially) set or pass a variable to the sub-transformation.


Edit: In the ARInput "Qualification Editor" I notice that the "Stream Fields" list box is disabled. This is probably the root of this issue and is severely limiting or voiding the ARInput usability in slightly more complex scenarios. Please add support for using stream fields in the qualification...


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