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Data Wizard - Multiple Support Group Rename Capability

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Provide ability to bulk rename per Administration data type.  ITSM - Data Wizard 9.1.xx nor earlier versions provide the abilitly to bulk update (rename) through the wizard.


Business Case:

There's a project to rename 250+ support groups.  Entering a support group one at a time takes well over 7 - 9 hours for an administrator to  manually enter into the data wizard and wait for it to run through the list of forms.

Currently, the data wizard only allows one support group to be renamed at a time. It's the  same case for Product, Operational and Generic Categorization admin data types.


Data Wizard Bulk Rename capability should be automated with the click of a button.

The administrator could simply either import a list of old and new support groups or other data type into a staging form.  Or, use an attachment.


With the click of a button and a table field, the bulk update functionality would loop through the table field built from the data in the staging form.  The table would contain columns for both the old and new data.  The existing filters that update the support groups would be applied to each row.



Would save hours and possibly prevent data errors.


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