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Provide "pop-up" reminder before user gets timed-out by system

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We are using Siteminder SSO as our SSO solution, and by policy users get timed-out after 30 minutes of inactivity (I think this may be the default for Atrium SSO as well).  We have a fairly involved set of service requests we've developed, so users often take more than 30 minutes to obtain the information needed to fill out and submit the request.  Therefore, they often get logged out before they can submit their request, and have to start over.  We would like Remedy to be able to track the inactive time of the user, and 5 minutes before the session would end, provide a reminder (e.g., a pop-up) which states, "You have been inactive for 25 minutes and will be logged out in 5 minutes.  Please select 'OK' to refresh your session or 'Quit' to stop using the system."  After this message, if the user selects 'OK', the timer of inactivity should be reset and the session should continue as active, with no loss of data.  If the users selects 'Quit', the system should proceed with logging the user out.  If the user doesn't select anything, they should be logged out of the system once the 30 minute limit is reached.


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