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Report Centre - Custom Queries

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               We all know that reports are the crucial part in making variety of Business Decisions and at some instances we may all have struggled in tweaking the BBCA Report Center Queries to get the report in the format we desire. But sometimes, we fail to get the desired report in a single sheet and we end up using Excel to manipulate the data. We are in IT, we improvise. So we submit the excel manipulated report and get back to BBCA Report center and work on the queries to get the desired data and we will succeed in days/weeks sometimes month.


I created this idea space so that we, BBCA administrators can be benefited with sharing the queries which we spent hours/days to build can be of help so other administrators don't have to go through the same time to build it. We can use this centralized forum where we can share the SQL which we developed/modified. I'm sure we all will benefited by this share.


Report Centre - Custom Queries


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