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Improve Mid Tier handling of long Form Dropdown Lists

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Dropdown fields when rendered via the Mid Tier have very limited functionality and do not have a vertical scroll-bar, therefore if a dropdown has 1,000 entries, it can take some time to locate the value that you're looking for.


It is possible to type 's' to skip to entries in the list which start with "s", but this is useless if all 1,000 entries begin with this letter.


I would like to see the following improvements:

  • Ability to type more than a single letter, i.e. you could type 's' 'e' 'r' to skip to entries beginning with 'ser', then click to select it.
  • Scroll-bars added to right-hand side of list, to allow mouse click and drag up or down to scroll through the entire list.
  • Improve responsiveness of dropdown lists, with over 500 entries the lists are slow, delayed and scrolling is slow.
  • Allow use of 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' to rapidly skip up/down through the dropdown values.
  • (possible idea) - Addition of 'mini search box' at top of menu to allow quick filtering of options.


As a use-case, review the form 'RKM:VisibilityGroupMapping', when configuring new Visibility Groups, you need to select a 'Support Group' from the 'Support Group Name' dropdown, however this dropdown appends the Company to the front of the support group name value, therefore for most single-tenancy users, all values will start with the same Company name, making it impossible to skip.


On my current project, there are thousands of Support Groups and it can take 2 minutes to scroll to the appropriate group. The above improvements to the dropdown object would greatly improve efficiency of this process.


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