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Grab Serial Number From Routers & Switches

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We need a way to get the serial numbers from all network gear.


We have a need to get this information to eliminate duplicate entries in our CMDB.  Currently we import devices from our inventory management system (for everything that is ordered) and then we have the Asset Core import running.  The inventory import is keyed off barcode which every item needs to have.  Almost all items [that we care about] also have a serial number.  The Asset Core scan finds these items but for the routers and switches they only have the name and IP Addresses.  Our inventory import does not have this information because the inventory management system is recorded by the people in the warehouse before the items are even deployed so there are not device names or ip addresses associated with them.  For other items like laptops, desktops and such, the serial numbers match so the records are updated.  For these items, they are new records, especially if we don't assign the right type to them.


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