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Limit attachment-size in midtier

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At the moment midtier takes the ar.conf-parameter "AR-Max-Attach-Size" into account when it limits the size of an attachment.

But this parameter limit the size of an attachment field on database-level and means the compressed-size of the attachment.

Midtier instead checks the uncompressed size, because midtier is not able to estimate the compressed size.

So now there is a dilemma. For instance we set the parameter to 2 MB, then the user gets a message if the real file-size is bigger then 2 MB, but as anyone knows a 20 MB text file could be compressed to some hundred kbyte. So the customer is being forced to zip the file manually if he wants to attach the file.

A solution would be to raise the parameter to maybe 20 MB, then the file could be attached, but you take the risk that someone attach a 20 MB jpeg- or zip-file, what you don't want, because of the database-space.


Our idea is, that

either midtier is being enabled to estimate the compressed size

or the size-check in midtier could be disabled with a new config-parameter, because then you would get an error-message from the AR-Server, when the size of the file is to big (this was the behaviour in midtier 7.1).


The the customer is able to attach the files without being forced to zip the files manually.


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