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ITSM ServiceDesk / Change Management: Work Info 'Notes' as RTF field

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In Remedy ITSM Incident / Problem / Change Mgmt. forms and other forms and consoles, the 'Notes' field in the Work Info panes should be defined as Rich Text Field, so that formatted text / images can be entered and displayed.


Although to our users RTF would be the preferred option in further long text fields (for example detailed description and resolution in HPD:Help Desk), we are aware of certain difficulties in exchanging tickets with other tools and existing interface technologies if all fields where changed. However, it would be a compromise to limit the RTF ability to the work info notes, which are available in all stages of the ticket life cycle.


The following scenarios describe when formatted text is needed in work info field:

  • A user writing work info can directly copy and paste a screenshot into the text field instead of going the tedious way of locally saving the screenshot before using the attachment fields to select it and store as an attachment.
  • A user reading work info can see the graphics of a screenshot inline where they maintain their context.
  • When copy and paste is used to insert text from an external source to the work info, the formatting would not get lost. This increases readability.
  • The user typing work info may wish to change color or font size to highlight particular words or lines.


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