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Missing documentation-manual "Messages"

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Possibly we all know from the IBM-world for each product a manual called "Messages".

In this manual all existing messages are described in details: the message-ID with the message-text,

a description about why this message shows up, and additional hints about what to do to solve this or a reference to another

message with a similar problem and a solution or a reference to a trouble-shooting-guide.

Now in BMCs BEM-world all these messages are prefixed with a fine ID, as e.g. BMC-IMC044035W or BMC-IMC200061I or BMC-IMC051002E.

So there is a good chance to put all these messages into a manual.

But if you look for one of these message-prefixes in all the manuals BMC delivers with the product, you won't find something.

To get more informations BMC tells you to open up an issue for any of these messages to get a more detailed answer.

This is a time-consuming task each time.


Please vote for having such a manual "Messages" delivered together with the available documentation-set.

It will help you too.


Thank you in advance.


We have opend issues for the following undocumented messages:


May 2014: statbld: STATBLD: BMC-IMC210031E: Message:

May 2014: mcell: SYSTEM: BMC-IMC012002E: Cannot execute program /usr/pw/server/etc/Admin/kb/bin/l2/admin_reload_dir

May 2015: mcell: COMMAND: BMC-IMC101050E: Could not launch action program


Apr 2014: BMC-IMC810414E Cell xxxxxxxxxx is not reachable on location fqservername:1828

Mar 2014: BMC-IMC240222E: [FATAL,HARMLESS] added to the standard enumeration SEVERITY in


Mar 2014: mcell: BAROC: BMC-IMC032280E: Undefined class BMC_SI_CI_PATTERN referenced in index rule mc_sm_ci_pattern_name

Dec 2013: mcell: INTEVT: BMC-IMC060042W: Invalid internal event identifier 3850986

Dec 2013: mcell: SERVICE: BMC-IMC050052W: Answer to unbuffered message nnnnnn

Dec 2013: BMC-IMC101051E: Invalid action name xxxxxxx

Nov 2013: mcell: COMMAND: BMC-IMC101002E: Invalid event object identifier 0

Nov. 2013: mcell: SIM: BMC-IMC222061I: Component sub_status change notification disabled since slot component_sub_status is not

                  defined for class SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE (see .../kb/class/mc_sm_notify.baroc)

Oct 2013: BMC-IMC091048E: Operation [nnnn] propagate xxx event #nnnnnnn to yyyyyyyyy refused

Oct 2013: mcell: COMMAND: BMC-IMC101014E: Query compilation failed: BMC-IMC120096E: Error at line 1 column 250

Sep 2013: BMC-IMC103081W: Bad collector OID nnn+




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