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Enhance AI (Atrium Integrator) job migration

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(This is an RFE request which due to the new BMC process must be posted on Communities as an idea).


This idea is in two parts but related.

Part one:

In Atrium Integrator (8.0) there should be functionality to migrate AI jobs from one server to another. In its absence, there is a utility that proposes to do this called "DevtoProd", which can be used to migrate jobs and transformations from one server to another. The problem is that it actually migrates ALL the AI jobs and transformations from one server to another and does not allow you to select the specific ones you want to migrate.

I would like to request that the utility "DevtoProd" should be enhanced to allow it to migrate only the specific jobs and transformations that are selected. Currently we don't have that option in "DevtoProd" utility.


Part Two:
The only other option to migrating specific jobs is to export each transformation/job one by one from the source server by logging into Pentaho Spoon and import it to the target server.
This requires lot of manual affort for complex integrations and the process is not perfect: when you export and import a job from one server to another via Pentaho Spoon, the Server references of the job that are imported remain that of the source server. I would have liked to think it would be recognised as a product defect but a subsequent support ticket confirmed it 'as designed'. So, I would also like to request for this be enhanced so the process is made server independant and that jobs and transformations imported are not incorrectly referencing the wrong server. This should be in line with exporting/importing Remedy workflow which is server independant.

Ideally we should have a good import export functionality (that works) within the AI interface, in the short term we should make the utility work better by being able to select and migrate specific jobs, and also enable the Spoon export/import feature to be made server independant.


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