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Configurable Article Owner And Assignment By Rules

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When a new Knowledge Article is created, the 'Owner' and 'Owner Group' field is defaulted to the author, however this is not always appropriate as you might instead prefer the article to be owned by a 'Knowledge Librarian' Support Group or to be round-robin/capacity driven to the Knowledge Admin of a specific Support Group.


I would like to see additional configuration added as follows:


  • Ability to configure whether the 'Owner', 'Owner Group' or both fields are mandatory and whether both or just the 'Owner' fields can be left blank, allowing Article Ownership to a Support Group, instead of a named 'Owner'. Alternatively, both fields can be turned off.
  • Ability to automate the setting of the above fields using the 'CFG:Assignment' form, therefore allowing automated assignment of the Article Owner to a specific Support Group.
  • Add a set of 'Assignment Engine Rules' and configuration options to allow the automatic assignment of 'Owner' based on one of the Knowledge functional roles.
  • Add logic to the above so that depending on the configuration that the customer selects, one or both fields will be hidden if the customer chooses not to utilise them.




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