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AR Service/Status/Plugin Server Manager

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It becomes rather tiresome when troubleshooting/managing ARS and having to use command line functions to verify whether or not services are running, and also to stop/restart services (Approval Engine, Plugin Server, FTS Plugin, SLM Services etc).


I would like to see, integrated into the 'AR System Application Administration' a control panel which shows, in real-time, the status of all ARS services, gives the up-time count of respective services, and provides the ability for administrators to Stop, Start and Restart respective services without having to use command-line. Here's some feature suggestions:


  • Ability to designate email contacts to be informed when a service stops running.
  • Ability to Stop, Start, Restart any of the independent ARS services, including plugin instances.
  • Display of each respective service running time.
  • Ability to configure auto-restart for plugin servers should they cease to respond.
  • Works whether ARS is running on Windows, AIX or Linux.


We have the ARS Health Monitor application, but I want to see a solution integrated into ARS which is fully feature-rich, rather than only reporting the status of the core ARS service, also with the capabilities mentioned above.


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