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Asset/CI/CMDB Transactional UDM Job to be extended

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UDM is designed to load data from spread sheet however while importing transactional data for Transactional_CI spread sheet Transactional_CI.xlsx provide option to import data to only five classes:


  • AST_BusinessService
  • AST_ComputerSystem
  • AST_Product
  • AST_Processor
  • AST_OperatingSystem

Expectation is ability to load data into additional classes e.g. AST_Equipment or any other of the AST exposed classes.


Making UDM more generic and including the option to import data in all OOTB classes would be a good idea.


Borislav LozanovAlastair HardyColin DawsonDavid MarcovskyDmytro Zabolotnyi


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