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ACM - Change Manager 12.1 - Change Manager to use the original/active ZPARM per member without ZPARM= parameter in the Option module

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We're using ONE default option Module for Change Manager ACMDOPD1 for different resp. all our DSGs.

However, there is a parameter ZPARM= pointing per default to IBM-Default ZPARM DSNZPARM causing problems in Change Manager, especially if you are not aware of this fact.

If we wanted to put our ZPARM-Member into ZPARM (eg ZPARM=DSNZssid) we would use as many Change Manager Option modules as SSIDs (DB2-member) we have. So, this is not an option.

Therefore the idea is to eliminate this parameter ZPARM= in ACMDOPD1 and always take the original/active ZPARM for the affected DSG/Member.


(for this idea I had already created RFE QM002436243, status open)


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