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wrong ELAPSEPKG values (DMRAPDTL) after enabling query parallelism

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In our production environment, some packages have been bound / rebound with option DEGREE(ANY), so query parallelism is enabled. Since then, we have noticed that the values of ELAPSEPKG column in DMRAPDTL table do not conform with the ELAPSED TIME values shown at the job output at SDSF. This is observed only for packages that parallelism is enabled, and only for ELAPSEPKG values. The lab advised us to look at field ELAPSETOD of DMRACDTL table for wall clock elapsed time. Reading the following sentence "Each row in the DMRACDTL table represents one transaction or thread within DB2, or the number of DDF/RRSAF threads represented by one rollup accounting record.", we understand that the
value of the ELAPSETOD field will be the elapsed time of the whole batch job. Our performance reporting is based on package analysis, so we need the elapsed time
of every package. So, we would like you to add the QPACSCE and QPACSCB fields (IFCID 239 - Packages) in DMRAPxxx tables.


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