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Require feature to map Asset Groups at attribute level in DWPA

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Hi All,


Currently we have functionality to display the Assets related to users on DWP console under My Stuff->My Items. This can be achieved by mapping Asset groups (Based on class level)on DWPA console as shown below.(Refer second screenshot)








Currently this Asset group mapping can only be done at Class level like BMC_ComputerSystem.But we do not have option to restrict the CIs/Assets displayed on DWP console based on Product categories or any other attribute. If customer wants to restrict the the CIs which are displayed on the DWP console(For example : Do not display any Servers which are supported by Administrators) it is not possible to map/restrict based on particular attribute.It would be great if the functionality is enhanced to include attribute level mapping.


Also on DWP console under MyStuff->My Items only CI name and CI description are displayed. Along with this customer feels if product information including product name and manufacturer are added it will be helpful to quickly check Asset information. The attributes which are displayed on DWP console shall be configurable so that it provides flexibility to display the fields as per the requirements.



Rahul Prashar


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