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'Persona' - A pre-filled service request Bundle

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When a new user joins our company, depending on what team they join, they may be required to submit anywhere in between 5-12 different service requests to attain all the necessary hardware/software/access for their department.


Using the existing "Bundle" functionality, we are able to create a bundle for team 'A', team 'B', team 'C' etc. and that collates on the service requests that they are required to submit.


While successfully making it easier for the end user by housing all their requests in one place... the user is still required to fill out each of the forms individually.


Within some of these forms, the user is required to input intricate instructions that they may not know on their 1st day. - e.g Listing the specific sharepoint sites that they need access too ... or recording the permissions they require on each application.


Each team has created their own individual guides to tell new users what they need to submit on each of the forms... but in the interest of UX...we think this could be improved.


What we are suggesting is creating a bundle of services, each with pre-filled questions!


We have been able to implement something to this nature, but to do so, we had to duplicate our service requests and save down a copy with populated questions.


Unfortunately this model is not sustainable because multiple teams use the same service requests in their bundle... So we had to create copies for each service request with different populated answers...


We are looking for a sustainable and scale-able approach.


Currently i am able to bundle numerous service requests to my cart... fill out all the details and 'Save Cart' - this allows me to return to that Bundle with all the populated questions. Why can't we re-package that 'Saved Cart' and offer it as a service offering?


A solution to this would safe hours of time and effort for our end users and would greatly enhance the user experience by enabling them to complete their entire user setup in one pre-filled service offering.


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