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Scroll bar for Templates selection

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This idea is requesting the return of a scroll BAR in the template selection rather than just the scroll up and down buttons.


We recently upgraded from 12.1.05 to 20.20.01. At some point in these upgrades, a design choice was made by BMC to remove the classic scroll bar for scrolling buttons in the templates selection. These buttons don't show up in the "Classic" theme, still waiting to hear if that is a defect. So I have provided a screenshot of a different theme to show these buttons.


Our Service Desk has over 100 templates, the buttons for scrolling do not suffice. We need the scrolling BAR back as greatly helps navigating a large list of templates.


Screenshots for reference. The 12.1.05 templates reference is very old, thus the small need for scrolling. This list is now much longer.




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