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TSPS - make some adjustments to meet the AA contrast standard (currently it is not Section 508 compliant)

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Accessibility and accessibility are often difficult issues, but actually it is not an idea to meet these requirements. It is a requirement and a violation reduces the chance of sales.


All over the world, there is an increased emphasis on compliance and in Europe the European Parliament has set a deadline. According to this deadline, products such as TSPS are practically unsaleable in their current form.


Accessibility is hard to achieve, we all know that. BUT contrast adjustments are the easiest part. Google, Twitter, all follow this approach, why not BMC ?!

Let us help BMC to have the right focus. None of us want TSOM/TSPS to disappear from the market because we are no longer allowed to use it in Europe

TSPS is here a really good "bad example", here are some test results


AreaAudit result (4.5 is the goal!) - darker partAudit result (4.5 is the goal!) - lighter part


Hmm, not one meets the criterion and there are so many more places. Dark red is close, but the font is small and therefore it is unfortunately also a violation.



From my point of view, essential information and this includes the navigation and these graphical overviews should not be displayed in the status colors, text anyway or if someone in the monitoring wants to read light yellow text on a white background. Colors should always be used additionally, in this case it could be a vertical colored bar on each element or a colored area in one of the corners or ... just everything, except the chosen approach.


As I said, not really an idea, but a legal requirement in the USA - worldwide WCAG!


Sorry, I forgot an example for the text in status color, it's getting worse I do not have an example with yellow text, but it is definitely worse. In the old console the status was displayed with a colored cell and the text was black - status information and text were easy to see. Why only this new approach?!


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