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Import Filesystem-Disk relationships with TSCO agent

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we are working at a storage report for cloud virtual machines. The goal is to identify the actual usage of each attached disk (EBS Volume) as the sum of file systems used space.

At the moment we don't have the link between file system and disk from TSCO agent.

It could be useful for this purpose to import a configuration metric that define for each filesystem the relationship with the disk.


Here below an example using the command lsblk on a Linux server


xvdi                                  202:128  0   3.1T  0

ââoradata-lv_origlogb (dm-0)          253:0    0   1G  0 /oracle/origlogb

ââoradata-lv_data00 (dm-1)            253:1    0   2T  0 /oracle/data00

xvdc                                  202:32   0    30G  0

ââorabase-lv_pao (dm-11)              253:11   0     7G  0 /oracle/pao

ââorabase-lv_orabase (dm-12)          253:12   0     5G  0 /oracle/orabase11204


The metric should provide the following info


/oracle/origlogb                xvdi

/oracle/data00                  xvdi

/oracle/pao                       xvdc

/oracle/orabase11204      xvdc




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