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REST API - Create the capability to update incident record using a qualification rather than entryID

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Can we use PUT with specific qualification parameter to update a record ?

I tried ?q='Incident Number'="INCXXX1234" on HPD:IncidentInerface form, but says method not allowed. But works with entryid.

Is there any limitation ?



- I think customer could take the non entry-id Incident Number in a GET operation to get the entry ID to use later on, if you watch API logging for say a search in the mid-tier, that's what we do -- a GLEWF for the results list and then a GetEntry for the specific entry ID, because GLEWF supports any field qualifications, GE only supports Entry ID. I think that's a limitation.


You can only use Entry ID:

URL qualifier


  • formName—The form for which an entry is to be updated.
  • entryId—The entry ID.







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