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SAP HANA Database

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Currently the "SAP HANA Database" instances are mapped, into the Atrium CMDB, only as software instances as described in the SAP.HANA.Database pattern:



Pattern for SAP HANA Database.

Active and package versioning are supported.

An instance-based Software Instance is created.

Supported Platforms:


Change History:

2014-08-07 - Added expected_ports attribute to metadata (TKU-2348)

- Added short_name to SI (TKU-2353)

2015-02-10 - Updated privileged execution commands, removed configuration block (TKU-3263)

2015-08-31 - Trigger updated (QM001885615)

2017-08-15 - versioning updated (DRDC1-9460)

2019-02-08 - Updated versioning to use the escapePath function


It would be useful if ADDM would be able to map it not only as SoftwareInstance, but also as its Database instance; the goal is to have also an entry in to the BMC_Database class and not only in the BMC_SoftwareServer


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