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vCenter ETLs should retrieve Guest memory metrics (Private, Shared, etc..)

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We have identified that on vSphere there are metrics providing the "inside view" of the guest OS memory usage.

The latest versions of VMware Tools installed on the VMs provide such information acting like an agent.


If that information is retrieved by the TSCO ETLs then the tool will have the "external view" and the "internal view" of the VMs.


Right now, the estimations of Mem Util % of the VMs is done using the Memory Active, which is NOT accurate to know the requirements of memory of the OS on the Guest machines.


Please, can we have the set of metrics retrieved by the vCenter ETLs and views and calculations done accordingly on the tool?


Memory Ultiization, Memory Demand, Mem Spare would have to accomodate this.


Right now on the vSphere data explorer the Mem Util is calculaetd using the Mem Active




On vSphere we can see the usage of memory with detail.




which is the same we can observe on the OS of the guest machine.




btw, on vRops the Memory Util % of the VMs can be seen, as that tool use the information from vSphere to know the "inside view" of the memory usage.


Please, if this can be added to the tool will solve many confusions about the "outside" and "inside" views for VMs.




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