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Remedyforce Chat - When using the Pre-Chat form, allow different 'no agents available' messages based on Category selected to start the chat

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We rolled out Remedyforce Chat in March this year to one area in our company and did not enable the Pre-Chat form at the time, so clients would click on the chat tab and get either an agent to chat with immediately or get the "no agents available” message immediately.


We are now preparing to roll out chat to another area and will be enabling the Pre-Chat form so the client would select a Category to send the chat to a specific pool of agents. One thing I noticed with this setup is that, when selecting a Category, regardless of which one was selected, we could only set one 'no agents available' message.


As each Category will represent a different support team with different staffing needs, different ways to contact them, and different hours that chat would be available for their team, we need the ability to create a different 'no agents available messages by the Category selected. Without the ability to do this, the current 'no agents available' message is long and somewhat hard to read with all of the detail included and since the message cannot use formatting (i.e. it is listed as one big wrapped block of text vs. being able to be broken up with paragraphs)


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