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OEM tablespaces Util should consider auto-extend

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Tablespace utilization metrics may highlight db instances having TBS util greater than X % (for instance 90%).


But on the data provided by OEM repository views do NOT provide any hint of autoextend option.


This means that having 99% tablespace util could be not critical if autoextend option IS configured, and adequate storage has been configured to support this (more space is allocated, so it can grow automatically, so it is not an issue on TBS Utilization)


OEM ETL and Views should add this information, for instance, on a new metric like TBS_PercentUtilMax and show the limits when autoextend is active on the TBS.


This will help a lot to DBAs as they can see on the TSPS console views the DB instances, the TBS, and see very easily if there is a DB with issues, and which TBS will have problems of storage.




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