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Need a better way to identify Metrics not collecting data within TrueSight

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Currently TrueSight generates the "MFD" and "Data Collection and Consistency Status Problem report"


Source information for these reports:

The "Marked for Delete (MFD) Report", documented by Generating a report for instances marked for deletion - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3 -…

Data Collection and Consistency Status Problem report, documented by


These can be decent reports, however consuming these reports is very difficult. Especially in a large environment; I currently have 13 Production TSIMs and 8 QA TSIMs.


Collecting and digesting this information in it's current format is challenging. With more and more functions being moved from TSIM to TSPS, I would like to see a consolidated report provided by TSPS that can be viewed and collected. Ideally it would be collected by an external function that would be able to parse and execute Orchestration Runbooks to resolve these issues.


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