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Advanced logic support for Change Schedule, CMDB Advanced Filters and Suggested Owners & Queue Auto Assignment

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‘Change Schedule’ and ‘CMDB Advance Filter’, should support OR operator along with advanced rule logic. Currently we are able to create the filter conditions using AND operator and not able to join the conditions using OR operator. In ‘Suggested Owners & Queue Auto Assignment’ supports both the operators, however to build the complex condition it should support the advanced rule logic.


Change Schedule:

Basic use case is to be able to view changes scheduled for 'Hardware' and 'Network' Categories.

So condition would be Category='Hardware' OR Category='Network'

Change Schedule Filter 2.png


CMDB Advance Filter:

Basic use case is to view CI for 'New York Office' and ‘London Office’ Locations.

So condition would be Location='New York Office' OR Location=' London Office'

CMDB Advance Filter 2.png


Suggested Owners & Queue Auto Assignment:

          Suggested Owners & Queue Auto Assignment, should support advanced rule logic to build the rules, with complex conditions.

          Example: We want a rule that should get apply to all the incident, if Category is Hardware or Impact is High but Country should be United States.

          Rule: Country = United States AND Category = Hardware OR Impact = High

          However this rule will get applied to all the incident where Impact is High, irrespective of Category and Country value. We can achieve this using advance filter logic.

          New Rule: Country = United States AND (Category = Hardware OR Impact = High)

          i.e. 1 AND (2 OR 3)

Suggested Owners and Queue Assignment Criteria 3.png


Change Schedule, CMDB Advance Filter and Suggested Owners & Queue Auto Assignment should support the Advance filter rule logic


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