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OEM ETL to collect Average Instance CPU (%)

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In TSCO the metric used for Database Instance CPU % is  DB_CPU_USED   from the OEM metric cpu_time_pct



Database instance efficiency (instance_efficiency)

TrueSight Capacity Optimization metric  Description                                                                                        OEM metric

DB_CPU_USED                                      Percentage of database call time that is spent on the CPU.         cpu_time_pct



A metric that is recommended by DBAs is avg_user_cpu_time_pct:



COLUMN_LABEL                             METRIC_NAME                METRIC_COLUMN

Average Instance CPU (%)               wait_bottlenecks             avg_user_cpu_time_pct

Database CPU Time (%)                 instance_efficiency            cpu_time_pct



Average Instance CPU (%)  avg_user_cpu_time_pct


This metric represents the average instance CPU as a percentage.



Wait Bottlenecks

This metric category contains the metrics that approximate the percentage of time spent waiting by user sessions. This approximation takes system-wide totals and discounts the effects of sessions belonging to background processes.



Database CPU Time (%)


This metric represents the percentage of database call time that is spent on the CPU. Although there is no ‘correct’ value for this metric, it can be used to detect a change in the operation of a system, for example, a drop in Database CPU time from 50% to 25%. ('No correct value' means that there is no single value that can be applied to any database. The value is a characteristic of the system and the applications running on the system.)




This metric category contains the metrics that have traditionally been considered to represent the efficiency of some resource. Interpreting the wait interface is generally accepted as a much more accurate approach to measuring efficiency, and is recommended as an alternative to these hit ratios.


The DBAs are requesting to have this metric on the OEM ETL OOTB and provide views for OEM database instances to see the DB Average Instance CPU %


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