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Digital Workplace Filter Active Events on Status

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BMC DWP 20.02 has some great new features in relation to how active and past events can be filtered. However, there is one feature which our customers feel is missing. This is the ability to filter on the status of Active Events. This would mean that users who are managing alot of requests for approval across all BMC Helix modules can filter for On Hold and Pending. It also relates to requests which may be Pending more information from the user. With the introduction of collaboration our customers also feel this ability to filter active events on status would add further value.


The particular use cases our customers have described work as follows:


  • Teams are responsible for the management of approvals across business units
  • Often approval requests are put on hold or there is a request for more information
  • The users have long lists and are unable to filter so end up trawling through the list of active events


This issue affects thousands of business users and with the onset of collaboration on service requests it will become a bigger issue for business users


Thank you and hopefully if you like this idea please vote on it




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