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Added Configuration to Self Service Smart Suggestions

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When someone is raising an incident via self service, Smart Suggestions kicks in and starts searching Broadcasts, Knowledge Articles, etc.. depending on how you have it configured via Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > Ticket Layouts > Configure Smart Suggestions. This is great, however the problem is in where it is searching within those items. Because it is searching, for instance, the answers in the knowledge articles it often returns many suggestions that have nothing at all to do with the category or description.


In the Answer or Solution or Workaround of an article we could be giving people instructions that include going to Remedyforce or opening Google Chrome. As a result any time someone is opening a new for Remedyforce or Chrome they are getting all of these suggestions that have nothing to do with either. As a result, they start disregarding the smart suggestions all together.


If we could limit the Knowledge Article search to just the Category, Title and Keywords, that would be great. If that is not acceptable then perhaps we could make this more configurable by adding something like this:


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