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Add CyberArk Authentication Values for BMC Discovery Outpost

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With the introduction of the BMC Discovery Outpost it is now possible to integrate with Priviliged Access Management Solutions from the Appliances as well as the Outpost.


The Appliance offers additional Authentication Values to enhance the security of the integration. This includes the User running the executable which talks to the CyberArk Credential Provider, the path of the executable and a hash value of the executable:


Unfortunately the Outpost only provides the Application and Provider User and no additional Authentication Values:


I've already created a Support Ticket (#00877444) to generate the missing values manually, but there seems to be no way to do this on my own.


For the sake of security, BMC should implement the same Authentication Values for the Outpost as for the Appliance.

As a workaround BMC should document a method to retrieve the authentication values after the installation of the provider in an outpost.


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