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Mid-Tier: log AR server RPC ID at end of API request

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The problem

A backchannel request is causing problems and I want to know what it does on AR server. Using the timestamp, user ID and IP I can figure out what API calls relate to what backchannel request in the Mid-Tier logs, but there's no reliable way to link the two. There's no unique ID that could help separate multiple identical actions taking place at around the same time. Say I have a couple of Mid-Tier servers and a couple of AR servers with a large user base, linking the two logs can be quite a challenge.


Suggested enhancement

It would be a useful enhancement to have Mid-Tier record the server RPC ID once the API completes - that way I can reliably link the two calls. For example, this is the call at the end of an API request in the Mid-Tier logs:


Jun 6, 2013 2:42:39 PM - FINE (com.remedy.log.PERFORMANCE) : (Thread 24) com.remedy.arsys.backchannel.TableEntryListBase doQuery API TableEntryList.findObjects time = 164


I'd suggest to include the RPC ID at this point so I can be certain what call on Mid-Tier results in what call on AR server. This could be the basis for a tool to link client and server activity.


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