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BMC Remedy Email engine should support IMAP shared mailbox

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We are using BMC Remedy Service Management Suite (ver. 19.02), and need to use email as an interface that communicates with the BMC Remedy AR System server using the BMC Remedy Email Engine service. Dedicated application mailbox will be used for that purpose.

As per company IT security policy mailbox used in an application need to be shared mailbox with service account granted access. Additional request is that shared mailbox is disabled domain account by IT security policy.

Mail server is IMAP server type. Thus we need to configure Email Server user as domain\service-account\group-mailbox form and authenticate it with service account password.

But, BMC Remedy Email engine does not support shared mailbox access with IMAP.

As per documentation, configuration will look like this:


Email Server Requires SSLYes

Email Server Name/ (Company’s IMAP mail server name)

Email Server Port — 993

Email Server UserdomainABC\service-account\group-mailbox

•Email Server Password — The service-account password


We were migrated from BMC Service Desk Express 10.2 to BMC Remedy Service Management Suite (ver. 19.02).

BMC Service Desk Express has supported shared mailbox access with IMAP and it is possible to authenticate in a form of domain\service-account\shared-mailbox with service account password.

We propose the same authentication method be implemented in BMC Remedy Email engine.


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