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Allow Service Accounts to be used for JDBC connections on SmartIT and DWP

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The Smart IT and DWP database structures use 2 different SQL logins (SQL Accounts) to manage the connections to the 2 different schema's.  Due to this and the way the internal queries are constructed, you cannot use a dedicated Windows Service Account in the JDBC connections.


As security tightens across the industry, more and more organisations want to limit access completely to Windows Service Accounts where permissions can be managed centrally via group policies.


Currently the queries do not include the schema, due to having dedicated SQL Accounts tied to the schemas directly, where Service accounts cannot be used.


This idea is to update the generated SQL queries in both applications to include the schema as reference, so Windows Service Accounts can be configured to align with the way this can be implemented in ARS using the "integratedSecurity=true" switch by using the following:





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