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Developing custom applications and deploying

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This idea is to get enabled the feature to Build and Deploy custom apps to Innovation Suite Application.


What is this is about?


Each developer should make their own setup to get started with development, this means (NodeJs, Maven, an IDE, etc).

Then we need to setup the SDK that BMC Provides to extend/implement their code and make your own Custom Library where you can build Custom View Components or Custom Services.



Custom view componentsCustom Service Component means





The challenge



We need to get enabled this feature to deploy our custom apps to our Innovation Suite Env.


We have tried to push custom code, but the response is Unauthorized.



Just as beside idea,

if you create an application named

if you create a library named:

On run the command: mvn com.bmc.arsys:rx-sdk-maven-plugin:undeploy -N

Both application and library will be removed from Innovation Suite it will be nice if only Custom app deployed can be undeployed !.


Thanks !


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