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Mid-Tier cache: allow to recache specific files

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The problem

Mid-Tier sometimes makes a mistake in caching content. The HTML of a form can be incorrect for whatever reason and if you know the form name, there's no way to get Mid-Tier to recache this particular file. The only thing you can do is flush the Mid-Tier cache which has a huge impact on the performance. You can use logs to determine what file is wrong, so it would be really useful if you can get Mid-Tier to recache only a particular part.



A customer has several Mid-Tier servers in a server group. When users connect via one server several images on the ITSM homepage are missing, this doesn't happen on any of the other Mid-Tier servers. The images are part of the form are requested via the imagepool servlet, if you check this via a HTTP debugger like Fiddler you'll notice that for the affected server the requests for the images don't go out. The reason for this is that the HTML which is generated for the form is incorrect. For example:



<a href="javascript:" id=";">

<img src="../../../../imagepool/SHR&#37;3ASHR&#37;3ABreadcrumpScrollRightD_xxxx" png=1 aralttxt=0 artxt="" arimgcenter=1 alt="" title="" class="btnimg" style="top:0&#59; left:0&#59; width:20&#59; height:31&#59;" />






<a href="javascript:" id="WIN_0_30425...8&#59;"><div class="btntextdiv" style="top:0&#59; left:0&#59; width:20&#59; height:31&#59;"><div class="f9" style="&#59;width:20">&gt;&gt;</div>



Something went wrong when Mid-Tier constructed the HTML for the form. I can correct this by flushing the Mid-Tier cache and get Mid-Tier to redo it. This will resolve the problem but as I have a lot of users I don't necessarily want to do this. It would be much handier if I can get Mid-Tier to rebuild this specific form (and its relating files).


Suggested enhancement

Can we have a way to get Mid-Tier to rebuild cache for specific objects? We  have the ability to see what's in the Mid-Tier cache, can we extend this by adding an option to request individual objects?


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