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Analysis > Group options: New method to aggregate formula data

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Currently in Analysis, if using Group options > Aggregation, the aggregation of formula data does not behave in the same way as aggregation of metric data (the current method is "aggregate all the raw data values, then apply the formula to the results") - this means, for example, that the "aggregation" with summing of data from a formula does not follow the same course as a stacked chart of the same data.


We would like to see an option in Analysis to use another method: "apply the formula on the raw data, then aggregate", which would mean that data from formulae aggregate in the same way as metric data, and we do not see unexpected results.


For example, with data and a formula of "metric1 / metric2"


Current aggregation method = "aggregate metric data, then apply formula to result"

Proposed new method = "apply formula on metric data, then aggregate result"


Example data for 2 systems for 2 timestamps, with results with each method when applied to aggregate the data by summing:


time     sys1,metric1  sys1,metric2    sys2,metric1     sys2,metric2   sys1,formula   sys2,formula    proposed result     current result

00:00       20            2               30               4               10            7.5               17.5                 8.3

01:00       40            5               15               1                8           15                 23                   9.2



Thank you



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