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Innovation Suite Multiple menu dependent

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This idea is to extend the functionality of


For example:


If we have 3 Record def, where we store values for Main, Child1, Child2


2 Association will be created:



To fetch the list of values for each Record we should create a Named List:

3 Named List will be created:


Main valuesChild 1 valuesChild 2 values


but on this Named lists we cannot tell to the Condition that we need values that depends on the Main_ID. (I think an Input param will solve this)

So in this case we get the complete list of values that Child1 has stored on his Record def.

Of course, i can set the Source Field for Values of Selection to MAIN_ID on select, so i can use this on the 3rd menu, but is not the scope, i need the ID of Child1 no the Main_ID.


Now, we should use this 3 Menus while we want to create a new Record using the values stored on Main, Child1 and Child2 but each Child menu should populate based on the values selected from Main.


The view will be set as:



And final view will look:

And as you can observe, the Child2 is not loading the values because the Dependent id is getting fetched from Child1 and not from Main.


An example how fetch Child1 the values:


And another example on how Child2 will fetch the values:



Here is clear that the parameter passed to query is the ID of Child2 and not from the MAIN.


The idea is, to get the dependent based on Main.


Robert Curlee


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