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Single view based on your work

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Many customers, staff agent, complain about the many tabs.. Therefore, and not only for that reason, it would be good to have 1 console view based on the work assigned to that staff agent. So, in 1 view all requests, changes, problems, release and tasks that are assigned to him or the queue he is a member of (or she offcourse).


In type we now see "Incident" or "Request" but I would like an extension related to tasks, change, release etc.


That way it will satisfy not only a lot of customers, but it also will save a lot of time in switching between tabs.


In the console you will see those tickets, and when you click on it you will see below the task or change or incident...


Ps. For other jobroles, profiles, permission set we would like to keep the existing options so that it will fit for every customer!


Paul Donders



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