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Self Service Drafts - Copy Feature

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Idea: Add "Copy" function to Drafts.  The easiest way is likely a icon on the Drafts page (1st screenshot). Or display the Copy button when bringing up a saved draft (2nd screenshot). 


Use Case: There are times someone needs to submit multiple service requests with slightly different data inputs. If ready to submit this can be done easily by submitting one, then going into My Activity and Copying the previous request. Repeat as many times as needed. However, if they aren't ready to submit, the only way to draft multiple requests is by creating them one at a time.  So the idea is that we could draft one and save it, then on the Drafts page click Copy. This will create a new draft entry but retain the Inputted data. 
To be very specific, the use case we have is new server requests. They want to request 5-6 servers and want to get the requests drafted but not submit yet.





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