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Qualifiers for which requests are collaborated and with whom

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Currently there are only 2 possible ways to collaborate a request - 1)  manually adding the users or default group or  2)by using auto-collaborate. Hence in case I want to share certain type of requests and not the oiher ones, I have no way defining it with a generic rule


What would be great to have is the possibility to define a qualifier for the requests which will filter out the requests which need to be shared, leaving the others out.

On the similar lines the user should also be able define more than one  collaborator groups so that different requests can be shared with different people.

This should work similar to entitlements, but for sharing.



- Request raised for an asset in a given location will be collaborated with user group for that location.

- Requests which are creating Changes are collaborated with the team who watches over the change implementation (but are not change coordinators themselves, just normal end users).

- Requests to HR department are always collaborated with my superiors (one or more people)


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